Joy of Colours

“joy of colors” is my abstract butterfly series , I have just started few days ago  . I am sure; I am not the only one artist in the world who got fascinated by this little flying creature. From years and year’s artists trying to bring its colours to their canvases. In Greek myth, Butterfly is symbol of soul and in many other cultures; it’s a joy, happiness, hope and colours of life. For me as an artist butterfly is symbol of Happiness and Cheers . No one can deny its beauty and joy of colours that it gives to human eyes. It’s beautiful a creature which gives me as an artist a warm and joyful pleasant feelings.  for me as an  artist its represent art of colours in soul and that’s the massage , I am going to represent in my abstract butterfly series by spreading vibrant colours of canvases in abstract butterfly shape that communicate a “Joy of colours” feeling to its audience . I will be using Mixed media .Here are few images , there is many more to come .

Ink on paper with embellishments
Ink on paper with embellishments , felt bit decorative and doodled to created patterns .


Ink on paper and mixed media canvas , I think tim holtz stamp said it all but My intentions was to make it vibrant and deliver a warmth feelings . I absolutely enjoying making those abstract patterns .


Whole idea to start a series start from this one .


This is my favorite one so far because its truly define the meaning of Joy of color what I am trying to create in my series .


An other on , Here I kind of tried to control the shape more then colours , But I love the way colour flowed and blend .


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