Idea 2

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Inspiration and design sketch

An other idea to promote new designer shoes .
Thinking about fairy tales to make my inspiration, I choose symbol of Asian fairy tale Taj Mahal to use as my inspiration . I focus on arches of these buildings and put some arches and pillars together to arrange a design . My interpretation is to see shoes in each arch with LED light which could create a dramatic effect .

Idea 1

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Inspiration & design sketch

I imagine that i am going to  work with a new designer who’s product is bridal and party shoes . talking about bridal and party shoes took me in  fairy tales because every bride wants a fairy tale wedding . When we talk about fairy tale then shoes then it always remind me Cinderella’s shoe . So I chose Cinderella shoes theme to promote new designer’s shoes. I research few Cinderella related images and sharing with you .


About pop up project

Pop up was a combine group project with fashion management. My job was to visualized 3 dimensionally  a design to promote our selective products .  Our group chose to promote echo friendly products in a festival.but I would share my whole effort 1 to end in this project. .

CD Ball

Main intention was to use recycling material, so I find CDs quite interesting and attractive medium to work with . I create a a sphere of CDs ,using different techniques. this design could develop in celling lamp to a spot light for club . or just a decoration for parties .


Quilling lamp

Quilling is a beautiful paper art . During research , I explore, most of  quilling designs are relief(2d) designs . So I set a challenge for myself to design a 3D lamp using quilling techniques.



A 3D design based on  chandelier design .

This design is based on recycled material . I used disposable plastic glass with a rubber ball . Initial idea was to create a form which could use for multi purposes like as a civic sculpture representing recycling or a living room chandelier.