Idea 3

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Inspiration for scarves & design sketch

My next product is scarves .Thinking to promote colourful material, my initial thought was “Tulsi Tree”.It is a holy tree among Hindus .People have this tree in their houses and temples for worship. As old it is , it becomes more popular in surrounding people. (that’s what we want for one product to grow and become popular among customers ) people bind colourful thread and fabrics for their wishes . I reverse this idea , to make scarves customers wish , I will use a tree as my design display .
During research, I find an other tree quite similar to Tulsi tree which is Wish tree . I read about it and story behind it is quite inspirational as well which I am sharing here.
“A wish tree is an individual tree, usually distinguished by species, position or appearance, which is used as an object of wishes and offerings. Such trees are identified as possessing a special religious or spiritual value. By tradition, believers make votiveofferings in order to gain from that nature spirit, saint or goddess fulfillment of a wish.”
Our next challenge is to think how we could make a tree using corrugated card?


Idea 2

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Inspiration and design sketch

An other idea to promote new designer shoes .
Thinking about fairy tales to make my inspiration, I choose symbol of Asian fairy tale Taj Mahal to use as my inspiration . I focus on arches of these buildings and put some arches and pillars together to arrange a design . My interpretation is to see shoes in each arch with LED light which could create a dramatic effect .

Idea 1

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Inspiration & design sketch

I imagine that i am going to  work with a new designer who’s product is bridal and party shoes . talking about bridal and party shoes took me in  fairy tales because every bride wants a fairy tale wedding . When we talk about fairy tale then shoes then it always remind me Cinderella’s shoe . So I chose Cinderella shoes theme to promote new designer’s shoes. I research few Cinderella related images and sharing with you .


About pop up project

Pop up was a combine group project with fashion management. My job was to visualized 3 dimensionally  a design to promote our selective products .  Our group chose to promote echo friendly products in a festival.but I would share my whole effort 1 to end in this project. .

CD Ball

Main intention was to use recycling material, so I find CDs quite interesting and attractive medium to work with . I create a a sphere of CDs ,using different techniques. this design could develop in celling lamp to a spot light for club . or just a decoration for parties .


Quilling lamp

Quilling is a beautiful paper art . During research , I explore, most of  quilling designs are relief(2d) designs . So I set a challenge for myself to design a 3D lamp using quilling techniques.



A 3D design based on  chandelier design .

This design is based on recycled material . I used disposable plastic glass with a rubber ball . Initial idea was to create a form which could use for multi purposes like as a civic sculpture representing recycling or a living room chandelier.