Tree Sculpture

This is one of those projects which I have set for myself .Tree Sculpture is to create an illusion in the environment which gives feeling of summer all the year. Basic idea is to create an “outside in” kind of environment by creating a  tree which could create shadows with light and give feeling of sitting under tree in sun light. It’s been designed for restaurant and pubs. Initial Idea of Bubble tree came from beer bubbles. I think beer is a festive, sport and summer drink .My intention was to link with its user feeling of summer through my design. I chose metal to create heavy bubble shape circles . My material inspiration came from Tom Hill’s sculptures .

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Presentation Sheet tree1

patterned furniture

I am getting obsessed with stencils day by day , just a one pattern design could change whole object and it look simple and elegant on the same time . Here I few images , I have find during my research .

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If Design has a language ,

As an Artist and designer, I have learnt over the years that It’s our responsibility towards the world that what we are giving to them. Is our work creating any impression on common people? Are we trying to create a history through our designs or What we leaving for next generation or generation who is already in the processes to build up their memories.

If every design has a language than It talk to its user, especially toys. Most of the children get attached to their toys no matter its their cuddly bear or a doll . I read somewhere that this attachment become more strong in the age of 2 . Toy industry is a totally consumer industry, Not sure how much thought or proses of design in dolls industry. Many of us have a memory of our one toy.A child age is a process creating action and memories. what you do in front of him and what you gave to him/her.

But this woman in her very innocent act created a very genuine issue towards toy industry.  Here question she raised that what we giving to our little girls . Why dolls are symbols of sexuality now. Dolls are for little girls, not for grown up woman . If every little boy wants to be a superhero then every little girl idealised Barbie .