2018 -Interior Style & Trends

Its 27th December today and we have done with Christmas and ready for parting on a very New year. We are 4 days away from a bright and shiny new year. So What would be in this coming year?These days between Christmas and new year are the best time to sit still with a hot drink and think what we have had in 2017 and what would 2018 be like.

2017 brought us a very beautiful elegant style which has been described as “Chic” and trend was distress and chalk matt french white.We have seen a different tone of smoky greys layout with light chalk pastel color in very matt tone.

see online magazine covers below

I believe every season set a different tone of colors and artists and designers to experiment with that.I have this feeling that 2018 would be a year of bold colours , We are not going to say goodbye to grey tone yet but we will be adding a lot more bolder colors to our lives. My colour palette is not much different from you lipsticks palet. My predicted colour pallet is berries and plum tone. We have fallen in love with matt and grey tones in 2017 and we loved distressed furniture to accessories.But in 2018, we will be saying welcome to warm tone “berries” colour palette.

BerryWorld-Mixed-Berries 0aef490728dfac8f33bedd57f3ae6d84 article-2091825-116F229A000005DC-402_470x471

I know it might be confusing for many that she is talking about interior and why she is sharing fashion images . I always felt as a designer and stylist that what we pick up to wear is always reflect what living style we want. My color prediction is based on my feeling as well as the set tone of this winter. I always feel as a designer that winter fashion always set a warm-up tone for next year color palette. That’s why We want a blend of colour with all the matt white distress 2017. We want a warm summer with cool berries and plum tones in our lives. Berries colours are bright and bold as well as set a cool hugable feeling in our living.  (I will be creating a visual in few coming days with these colours )

We also might be seeing gold home accessories and this is based on my market research this winter . I walk around few Home accessories store for Christmas and Golden lampshades and golden home accessories.

Images were taken by me in “#HomeSense” #Manchester Arndale

I wish everyone, a very happy, healthy and successful new year.  have a lovly winter break .


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