what is Art ?and what is Craft ?

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What is art and what is craft?

I will start with Hegel’s quote

Great Philosopher Hegel said, “Art has a purpose”,

Sculptor Anish Kapoor said, “If you can’t connect with people throw your work then you are failed as an artist”.

Now they both said similar things. How?

Hegel said art has a purpose while Anish Kapoor explains his theory.

According to Hegel theory, of symbolic, classic and romantic art,

Painting and music is classified as a romantic art.

Meaning? It has symbolic meaning.

It conveys something or it connects to its viewer. It connects to a certain audience and conveys that message regardless it socially, politically or spiritually. According to Hegel theory “Art comes from the need of spirit “. Once I was watching Comedian Russel Peters interview and he said, “Anybody can make living, I wanted more “. I think that “More” define Hegel’s theory of “art comes from spirit”. That need for more in a person makes him an artist.

Artists push their boundaries to deliver something unthinkable or something so simple to convey their message which exists for years but no one notices it.That’s why people spend years and years reading painting and other forms of art to uncover the meaning of the colours and form.Philosophers say that there is another language which only heart and soul can understand and artists try delivering that through their paintings.

Regardless it’s Picasso or Jackson Pollock. There is always a purpose behind every single action and stock of an artist. I absolutely loved this during studying Hegel’s theory that Nations recognised throw cultures and cultures delivered throw art.  Many people might not be agreeing with it but it is one part of the theory. An artist might not need knowledge but it comes from knowledge. It could be knowledge of soul or different element of the environment which generate knowledge and boost an artist.

So what is a craft?

When we talk about craft, we easily categorised craft and explain different forms. Well theoretically and philosophically crafts are creative skills which can apply in any field. An artist needs craft skills to create works. What I understand is that craft fulfil needs creatively.  Craft doesn’t have to have any meaning behind it. It is there when you need it. It’s skill of making things creatively. Artists need skill which develops with time practice.

Could you separate Art from craft? I would say No; Artists deliver and develop their ideas through craft skills while the craft is multiple skills of creativity. Its multiple unite of skills.  Craft comes from needs and finds a creative solution to the needs. While Art according to the Hegel has linked with soul, it’s soothed the spirit and separate spirit from needs.

Everyone has different interoperation for abstract art; Abstract art is changing its face because spirits change with time. So I would say it’s a developing form which has linked with surrealism. Anyone who ever knows about the history of art knows that surrealism. Of course, Freda Kahlo’s self-portraits are an easy example here.

I would like to simplify this by focusing on basics.

The difference between art and craft is an open question with lengthy answers. I once asked my tutor this question and he answered that “artists developed ideas, while crafter develops skills”. You could be both at the same times. There is no right and wrong but both work same ways sometimes but both are different from each other. Then again it raises another question, does artist not develop, and yes they develop their skill to purify their ideas to connect with the outer world in a better way.


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