Tribute to Grenfill Tower


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I am not a English poet , Infact English is my second language . But I am one of those who emotionally effected by this tragic incident . I have write a poem to tribute Grenfell tower in ” a voice of Grenfell tower ” .

I burn, bleed and choke
I couldn’t breathe in smoke
My love ones hugged, kissed in tears,
I cry with them and tell them don’t fear,
I will stand in black and mourn for you,
There will scream echo in ears
There will story to tell for years

Many holding my name and asking for justice
I turn into black and my blood getting rustic
There are so many flowers around my grave
fighting for answers so many Braves
But the truth is …
Many clowns will change their faces with times
Dance around those burn ashes with playful minds



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