Graffiti in Interior Design

There was a time Graffiti consider a part of vandalism. I personally think it was an unspoken human emotion which created a very strong expression in a very rebellion way.And those mix of expressions and emotions create something so strong and bold to draw attention. There was always a political aspect in graffiti and has been used to convey strong messages through images and artist like Banksy became a strong revolution in the art industry. Not only his views and messages speak through his strong ironic and humorous images but he has been an inspiration for so many artists.

Banksy’s new work about brexit

In part 4, 5 years have been quite revolutionary years in social media. Artists and designers find open audiences through YouTube and Instagram by sharing their work and process of art. And I find blessed that we are living a time where art is access able and giving creative minds room to breathe and grow. It is cutting the edge of creativity. We see unconventional and blend forms in art and design industry.People have the different opinion about this art and it has been changed over the years. Now it has been not recognized a strong form of art but it’s also creating impression on design industry which reflecting on interiors. There is rich, bold and same time abstract form of graffiti which attract interior design to make it part of blank spaces.


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My personal favourite is graffiti on furniture. From years people decorate, walls and floors with pattern and furniture have been same boring one colour pieces. A printed fabric has been part of sofa’s and bed but it was a limited use of it.


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Through social media revolution, artists and design broke boundaries to experiment different paints and patterns on wood and glass . During those art and media experiments, graffiti is taking place on decorative furniture. It might not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s giving a design industry and new way of thinking.

My little bit experiment with my own toilet cupboard.



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