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1eb4734c323ec1a42e2e8facf4c639acArt has been the biggest part of interior design. From Victorian to the 20th century, painting and sculptures have been the biggest part of living space. But it also has been changed from realist to abstract forms. Although real art moves more in art galleries. The people interest shift toward modern and affordable paintings and even prints. It’s also because art and painting are more accessible nowadays.



In last 4 years, I have seen a dramatic change in art, especially in paintings. I think that digital media brought craft into art which has influence new artists and designers. A form of arts is progressing and developing quicker than ever. The abstract form of paintings are getting more and more popular in last few years People are more keen about abstract and colours comparatively 20 years ago.I m not sure if it was an evolution of digital media or something else but art came on the surface of digital media.

68c2b0f80ef98d73a31247315b7164e2I meet a art teacher in city library and she lost her job during that time . She was working towards an independent artist and also had a YouTube Chanel for useful tutorial and tips .what ever was happened , it was so much beneficial for artists and art works .YouTube also played a role in this change .


Many new artist and designer start blogging and sharing visual process of their work .It has emerge whole new universe of craft and techniques which inspirited many new artists and designer to experiments with art and techniques. I am pleased that we are living in a time when art is merging with new craft and technologies . This development and a fast change in style of painting and medium opened new vision of style in modern interior and it reflects prominently .




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