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Flowers have been the oldest way to accessories home on every day as well as on special occasion. Flowers used to express feeling and emotions. In my personal opinion, no house decoration complete without flowers. We use flower arrangement in every part of the house from the restroom to the living room or a part of our kitchen. It is much-underrated part of home decor but no one can afford to miss it. It not only bring exterior into the interior but also enlightens up living space.

Flowers have been used in a different way to brighten up space. Every interior designer and stylist usually like to give a finishing touch with of flowers of their final presentation. It creates fresh and clams look in its environment.

bb031a8f1b4833f3e4d85b6e4d19add3It has been used not only fresh but also been dry to make them live longer in the space. Supermarkets are full of natural flowers every day regardless of weather. Love of natural plants and flowers leads to dry arrangements from centuries now. But I prefer artificial flowers than dry arrangements. Interior design is not about visuals, it’s that feeling you create with those colours and shapes. I personally feel that dry arrangement creates a dead part in the room. It creates flaky dust around if it’s not been done properly. It also depends on how you using it, if it’s with natural flowers then it’s bearable and compliment them sometimes.



I personally like any part of exterior or nature to bring into interior especially flowers and plants. I prefer artificial flowers on dry arrangements. Bright colours and a good arrangement create a calm and fresh illusion in the room. There is 3 plus point as well, it’s affordable investment with you décor, easy to clean and change whenever you want.


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