3D (laser cut ) Patterns

These sort of design always always fascinate me . I think , 3d patterns are an other way to create dramatic influence in space . Its not deigns its self create a visual character but Its also creates some shadows . I think its very clever way to play create a design which changes with day light and 3d patterns are the key to follow this recipe . I just love this 3d patterned(laser cut ) ceiling .

16be76b1ac62efddc4bbf5aff947cd3b 21 52-137984-chuyen-gia-cong-khac-cat-hoa-van-go 05726ecf46bc8a4e8ee7a5cfd8ae383d 1373907_ShenzhenBaoanInternationalAirport_Archivio-Fuksas_04 6822731191_4ed05dcfc8_b beijingnoodle1 bench02 download grailweb(1) house-n-maxwan-modern-staircase-3-600x882 house-n-maxwan-modern-staircase-lattice-0-600x408 Housing-Hatert-by-24H-architecture-1c_grande Housing-Hatert-by-24H-architecture-5_grande images (1) images (2) images (3) images MODULARI-screen-by-Razortooth-Design-04 Polish_pavilion_6_ready


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