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“Koffee with Karan” is one of my favourite indian talk show .The show airs on STAR World India. It is also telecast on other channels of the same network like Star Plus and Star One. The show is noted for its fresh and witty appeal, and is very popular with the younger audiences. It is known for the revelations made by celebrities and their take on their contemporaries. The show also has its share of controversies and hence brings in great TRPs.The show began to air in 2004 and was a huge success. The first episode aired on 19 November 2004 and the first season ended on 27 May 2005. I have been watching this show from last 3 /4 years now . Recently it bring season 4 with a different style with same and new celebrities .

Original Set images

432395 433308-ranbir-and-kareena-on-koffee-with-karan Akshay-Kumar-on-Koffee-with-Karan kjo Koffee_with_Karan

Project Proposal

I have only one problem watching this show which is show’s set design . Its set design which i think doesn’t represent anything . My aim is to present a design which reflect the title and creates a meaning which “mean it ” that user really having coffee with karan in a cafe like environment . So I like to create a conceptual Cafe environment . My main design element is a tree like shelve.   . As each celeb after the show sign cup and place on shelf . So I thought there should be design which link them together . So i create a tree which represent bollywood infernity. Second task was to create link with coffee and create cafe like environment . I have created a coffee colour laser cut pattern  screen on the back with show logo. The Screen creates coffee fizz look and also create a theme surrounding which would be also warm look from camera’s eye .  I have also added few lights to create dramatic effects . I used bright colour in furniture . 

Koffee_with_Karan1 Koffee_with_Karan2


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