Inspirational retail design(The Bistrot Resturant ,Bali)

Going through different design pages this morning one design made my day.  It’s The Bistrot Restaurant, Seminyak – Bali. After a long time, I have seen something which makes me feel that I want to design something like that. My personally opinion is a true interior designer job is to design a language in a place which could hit users senses and feelings. I find this quality in this design. For me it has got a bit dramatic visual aspect as well. walking through these designs make you feel that you really want to know the history of this place or you are a part of early 50s film and might see someone wearing black hat and pipe in his hand with really posh American accent which you might heard watch 2nd world war movies. But I am sure you won’t see anything like that there but it surely will hit your senses if you even have little interest in art and design. I personally find an intellectual side in this design. I couldn’t find much online about what was designer’s theme or inspiration or what was idea behind this design but for me it’s a true design which stand distinguish among many urban minimalist designs .Every single details shows that theme has been created to generate a magnificent details from classic menu font to tea cups  .

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The Bistrot Restaurant -Bali


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