Yellow is a Happy Colour

I have read somewhere that the colours tell your emotions. Your emotions reveal your personality.  I have always felt that yellow is one of those colours which makes my mood change. It reminds me sun, yellow daisies ad surprisingly while I was picking up paints tasters I saw “happy Yellow”. Yappppi It made my day and more than my believe about yellow colour get stronger .MY inspiration was moroccan interior which is very colourful and vibrant.


1424471_567159453364342_2134308625_n 1461685_567161953364092_1626380591_n 1463713_567528096660811_800149954_nMy own flat ,

As I am newly graduate from uni ,SO Off course I have had a budget to spend . I said to myself that I will spend not more than £ 50 . and believe it or not . I spend one month but I have achieved around £50 . I used happy yellow colour with very modern black and white patterned wallpapers . I try to give a very warm and vibrant look with teal green curtains . Oah one thing , I got lucky to find these quite similar moroccan style lamp-shades online just right in my budget .

My flat 2013-11-16 16.55.25 2013-11-16 16.56.20 2013-11-16 16.59.15 2013-11-16 16.59.52 2013-11-16 17.06.43 2013-11-16 17.07.13


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