Paraphrase (Design Proposal)



Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets have been paraphrased many times in literature. The motive is to create a symbolic meaning of paraphrase into The Crown Theatre building which was originally a Shakespeare theatre. Paraphrase in this context means to rearrange or rebuild the interior of the building which could meet the practical needs of today while keeping its historical essence alive. The main aim is to re-use the beautiful structure which holds thousands of memories for local people and creates dramatic aspects of design, which could be inspirational for its users and relate them to theatre and film designs. It is also about creating a link between history and the present time through the use of materials which create a historical and dramatic environment. It is a “School of Theatre Design” where students will learn to design costumes for performing art, including designs for theatre and films. The Idea is to combine the history of the building by keeping the original structure as much as possible, with a contemporary use. Considering course needs, the building has been filled with facilities like screen print, workshops and computer suites as well as studios.



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