Lord of the Ring , Design influenced

It seems a simple role to follow by saying that space reflects their habitats so that’s why Allen lee try to create connection between characters and space. But the truth, its most challenging job for a conceptual artist to link everything related to story on one space by understanding demand of story and each character separately.  Not only, Allen lee’s conceptual design for Lord of the ring has got influence from art style and moments but it has left very strong impact and influence to many artists and designers. The film became an iconic because its style since it released. Many contemporary from fashion to architecture adopt shapes and style from this imaginative story. Tolkien’s imagination and Peter Jackson’s effort to bring in front of real world and more on Allen lee’s conceptual structural design brought a change in architectural style as well. It has inspired many architectures and designers.

hobbit hobbit1-537x422 HobbitHouseInside

Fig 7 Hobbit house designed by Architect Peter Archer in Pennsylvania


London based interior and tree house designer Antony Gibbon convert Lord of the ring’s miniatures into real living spaces and create more surreal design then ever .

gibbon-ROOST-Treehouse-2-537x302 gibbon-roost-treehouse-4-537x400

Fig 8,8.1 Antony Gibbon’s Lord of the Rings-Style Tree houses Could Offer Elveish Accommodations for Humans (online blog)


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