Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid 

Zaha Haddi is only world famous London based architect. There is many  irregular and abstract forms prominent in Zaha Hadid’s work .No doubt her represent truly contemporary architecture.
I watched her interview clips in which she talks about her back ground and challengesbeing a women architect. Her life and back group is an inspiration for me. Her each work has breath taking effect.
She is beyond from all rules. She creates her own imaginative shapes in real world which make her different among many others.  She breaking rules of solid and block ness in architecture that probably the reason most of her designs seems inspired from water or wind. It’s like somebody transformed the water or wind in a solid form. Fabrication in her designs is amazing.She got an iconic repetition in architect but she has also designed lights to shoes as well.
some inspiration pics which i collect during my research . presenting as a slide

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During my research, I wathced many video clips and seems graceful shapes amazingly forced to create a form in space .An amazing models exhibition of Zaha Hadid’s work  . you also can read details in the beginning of clip 
A very informative report on Zaha Hadid’s work .
During research watched clips and images and read articles about Hadid’s work . Every body seems to be agree on one point about her work which is dynamic shapes creating forms which inspired me most . There is many more fascinating clips which captured the proses of design . one of them is following ……..
Absolutely fasinating to watch construction of  Burnham Pavilion.I quite like the way ,it changes colours . now I am not sure that is just a graphic effects or in original design works like that . Design structure is wonderfully biuld with iron and it seems its covered with PVC but  covering material  cant be sure .
Zaha Hadid’s new project is London Aquatic for Olympic 2012 .

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