Graffiti in Interior Design

There was a time Graffiti consider a part of vandalism. I personally think it was an unspoken human emotion which created a very strong expression in a very rebellion way.And those mix of expressions and emotions create something so strong and bold to draw attention. There was always a political aspect in graffiti and has been used to convey strong messages through images and artist like Banksy became a strong revolution in the art industry. Not only his views and messages speak through his strong ironic and humorous images but he has been an inspiration for so many artists.

Banksy’s new work about brexit

In part 4, 5 years have been quite revolutionary years in social media. Artists and designers find open audiences through YouTube and Instagram by sharing their work and process of art. And I find blessed that we are living a time where art is access able and giving creative minds room to breathe and grow. It is cutting the edge of creativity. We see unconventional and blend forms in art and design industry.People have the different opinion about this art and it has been changed over the years. Now it has been not recognized a strong form of art but it’s also creating impression on design industry which reflecting on interiors. There is rich, bold and same time abstract form of graffiti which attract interior design to make it part of blank spaces.


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My personal favourite is graffiti on furniture. From years people decorate, walls and floors with pattern and furniture have been same boring one colour pieces. A printed fabric has been part of sofa’s and bed but it was a limited use of it.


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Through social media revolution, artists and design broke boundaries to experiment different paints and patterns on wood and glass . During those art and media experiments, graffiti is taking place on decorative furniture. It might not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s giving a design industry and new way of thinking.

My little bit experiment with my own toilet cupboard.


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Flowers – 2017 Interior



Flowers have been the oldest way to accessories home on every day as well as on special occasion. Flowers used to express feeling and emotions. In my personal opinion, no house decoration complete without flowers. We use flower arrangement in every part of the house from the restroom to the living room or a part of our kitchen. It is much-underrated part of home decor but no one can afford to miss it. It not only bring exterior into the interior but also enlightens up living space.

Flowers have been used in a different way to brighten up space. Every interior designer and stylist usually like to give a finishing touch with of flowers of their final presentation. It creates fresh and clams look in its environment.

bb031a8f1b4833f3e4d85b6e4d19add3It has been used not only fresh but also been dry to make them live longer in the space. Supermarkets are full of natural flowers every day regardless of weather. Love of natural plants and flowers leads to dry arrangements from centuries now. But I prefer artificial flowers than dry arrangements. Interior design is not about visuals, it’s that feeling you create with those colours and shapes. I personally feel that dry arrangement creates a dead part in the room. It creates flaky dust around if it’s not been done properly. It also depends on how you using it, if it’s with natural flowers then it’s bearable and compliment them sometimes.



I personally like any part of exterior or nature to bring into interior especially flowers and plants. I prefer artificial flowers on dry arrangements. Bright colours and a good arrangement create a calm and fresh illusion in the room. There is 3 plus point as well, it’s affordable investment with you décor, easy to clean and change whenever you want.

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Say No to Bad Designs

One thing I have learned in Design school is that if your work connects to people and they find meaning in it then it’s a piece of art but it makes them more comfortable with best individual style then its best design. Empathy is the biggest part of design field and I have been taught to put myself in the user’s feet and feel what they like and want to feel in a better-designed space. That’s why when I see a bad design meaning a thoughtless effect in a space which makes a space uncomfortable or no saves for everyone then it makes me mad. You don’t have to be a designer to see bad designs for your everyday use.


I took this picture during my walk. A few years ago city council spends millions of pounds to make this area beautiful and more contemporary for its user.  The most shocking and thoughtless part of their design in this area. Only one walkway which direct goes to big supermarket and shops. Hundreds of students and residence lives in this area and use this way to walk to supermarkets for shopping. They have separated cycle lane from pedestrians but have a look this pedestrian. This is absolutely shocking that 2 feet wide footpath about 3/4 meters high from extremely busy road and slop almost without a fence. Which could be highly dangerous for anyone who lose balance in a bad weather, Its makes me feel that it’s just  thoughtless planner design what making me mad is that they put pedestrian sign to make it official and there is 2 street lights pools on this further down where space get more narrow .how could be someone so thoughtless who design n pass that designed space for everyday public use.

Poundland Christmas Decoration

I have the other trip to town yesterday and felt attractive to Christmas decoration naturally. I went to Poundland to get something and end up taking pictures of Christmas decoration. This year Poundland have a broad range of collection. As I share previously silver Christmas trend this year. You will find metallic and silver tone with a blend of a chin touch in Poundland as well. Confusing ? that’s why I brought some pictures to share as one picture means a thousand words.

So here it is.

We are 2 days away from 1st November and It’s fair to say that Christmas is not far away now. It’s time to plan some gifts and Christmas decoration now. You can see Christmas signs from last week of Octobers in the town, even few Christmas tree display. As an artist and designer, I am always interested in the decoration of home on Christmas which leaves a visual stamp in the memories. For me Christmas is always like hallmark film, we all live every year. We all wait the whole year to bring the whole family around a fireplace and of course beside a Christmas tree. So we pay extra attention to make it special.I would call it a season of building memories with your memories. We all put our heart and soul to make this one day special to spend with family. I live traditional red but as a designer always curious for something new and refreshingly different.

I walked around town last week and have seen few Christmas tree display as well .one thing I have noticed that is It’s a Silver Christmas this year. Every home design or high street store has a bit touch or silver or completely silvery Christmas decoration. You might think it’s not new, ahh we have white Christmas decoration but No guys walk with me. it’s not sparkly silver, it is not glittery silvery. it’s a metallic matt finish silver. We have seen rustic golden mix touch silver but its metallic. let me introduce you some of my favourites with you guys here.


online web store images selection

M&S has beautiful rustic metallic blend ornament this year. Its still hold tradition touch of a blend of rustic gold but blended with contemporary finish silver.


Baytree Interior in Arndale , store images taken last week

Baytree Interior is a breath of fresh air of style and luxurious interior in Manchester Arndale. Their Chic style and matt finish white interior always grab my attention. It was something different from other that they blend turquoise blue with metallic finish silver in their collection which was quite eye catch display.


Home Sense Store display images were taken 26 oct 2017

Home Sense is one of that retailer which every time inspire me.Their high stander finishing unique interior pieces which you might hardly see anywhere else. And that’s what they did this year with their Christmas displays. Home Sense display set its bar really high for me that I could adore as well as much I absolutely loved their display. They set the true meaning of metallic silver Christmas. One thing I most like about their display that They kept it on similar finishing and tone. They blend Matt finish white with metallic matt finish silver. Every single detailed piece has a similar set of tone which compliments each other and set a high stander of perfection. I loved every single piece of that display but white linen rectangular cushion with silver sequence embroidery is one of my favourite pieces. The best thing about that pieces is that you cant put it back in the cupboard with other Christmas decoration. You can use it with white bedding in your bedroom or you can use in your guest rooms.

Many other stores like also have some really nice collection but I have only shared few of my favourite. Hope you like my favourite collection. Please let me in the comment below what you guys think and what you have found in town so far? I can’t wait for Christmas market to start and see what that brings for us this year .

Desing Home -A Design game review

I have seen the “Design Game” advertise on Instagram and I have installed it just for curiosity as I am not really an app crazy person, not an even candy cane. I have installed few other design apps previously like IKEA and many other design games but never liked any of them. I find this Design app fascinating and it’s total addiction.
The game is design to participate in live challenges.  In the beginning of the game, they give you few items and very limited cash like a real-life budget.They also give you diamonds which can convert into cash, You can earn diamond points by participating in live surveys or spending your real money which I don’t think so anyone spends, just to play a cell phone game.
The game has a whole catalogue of brands, colours, style, material and categorised item which you can purchase by spending you limited cash or diamonds. Every challenge has 2 or 3 lines brief which can give you an idea of client, location and style. You have to work with your limited budget to full fill their requirement. After the end of any submission, you usually earn $500 for next challenge.
There is a thumb up sign in lower bar meaning to vote for another submission. So you basically will mark others submission by clicking like on them and that will build up their scores and same like others will mark your submission by clicking on your designs. You will get keys after each vote session, these keys use as a cost of every challenge as well. you will need these keys to submit your challenge. that If you fully win a challenge and gets 5.0. then it means you will get a challenge reward a piece of furniture or a rug + 150 diamonds points to spend. but if your score is above 4.0 or under 5.0 then only challenge reward, no diamond points. In case your score is less than 4.0 which is considered low point then you won’t get anything in return.
This whole thing might sound very complicated but once you will download this app, it is really straightforward and amazing and top of everything its very realistic. I have seen this app item has been used in few American TV shows like house hunt . and you will get few challenges from house hunt in this app as well.

Here is few of my design which I have won in last few weeks in design challenges by using “Design HOME” app /game.

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Iram Wyne…


what is Art ?and what is Craft ?

Scripted below.

What is art and what is craft?

I will start with Hegel’s quote

Great Philosopher Hegel said, “Art has a purpose”,

Sculptor Anish Kapoor said, “If you can’t connect with people throw your work then you are failed as an artist”.

Now they both said similar things. How?

Hegel said art has a purpose while Anish Kapoor explains his theory.

According to Hegel theory, of symbolic, classic and romantic art,

Painting and music is classified as a romantic art.

Meaning? It has symbolic meaning.

It conveys something or it connects to its viewer. It connects to a certain audience and conveys that message regardless it socially, politically or spiritually. According to Hegel theory “Art comes from the need of spirit “. Once I was watching Comedian Russel Peters interview and he said, “Anybody can make living, I wanted more “. I think that “More” define Hegel’s theory of “art comes from spirit”. That need for more in a person makes him an artist.

Artists push their boundaries to deliver something unthinkable or something so simple to convey their message which exists for years but no one notices it.That’s why people spend years and years reading painting and other forms of art to uncover the meaning of the colours and form.Philosophers say that there is another language which only heart and soul can understand and artists try delivering that through their paintings.

Regardless it’s Picasso or Jackson Pollock. There is always a purpose behind every single action and stock of an artist. I absolutely loved this during studying Hegel’s theory that Nations recognised throw cultures and cultures delivered throw art.  Many people might not be agreeing with it but it is one part of the theory. An artist might not need knowledge but it comes from knowledge. It could be knowledge of soul or different element of the environment which generate knowledge and boost an artist.

So what is a craft?

When we talk about craft, we easily categorised craft and explain different forms. Well theoretically and philosophically crafts are creative skills which can apply in any field. An artist needs craft skills to create works. What I understand is that craft fulfil needs creatively.  Craft doesn’t have to have any meaning behind it. It is there when you need it. It’s skill of making things creatively. Artists need skill which develops with time practice.

Could you separate Art from craft? I would say No; Artists deliver and develop their ideas through craft skills while the craft is multiple skills of creativity. Its multiple unite of skills.  Craft comes from needs and finds a creative solution to the needs. While Art according to the Hegel has linked with soul, it’s soothed the spirit and separate spirit from needs.

Everyone has different interoperation for abstract art; Abstract art is changing its face because spirits change with time. So I would say it’s a developing form which has linked with surrealism. Anyone who ever knows about the history of art knows that surrealism. Of course, Freda Kahlo’s self-portraits are an easy example here.

I would like to simplify this by focusing on basics.

The difference between art and craft is an open question with lengthy answers. I once asked my tutor this question and he answered that “artists developed ideas, while crafter develops skills”. You could be both at the same times. There is no right and wrong but both work same ways sometimes but both are different from each other. Then again it raises another question, does artist not develop, and yes they develop their skill to purify their ideas to connect with the outer world in a better way.

Magazine rack upcycled

I was looking for a shoe rack for my small hall way and I end up buying a mahagani traditional style magazine rack .I wasn’t thinking any thing when I bought it . It was just £3 , So I thought why not . It was beautiful piece . I always believe that things attract you on first sight ,always give you freedom of creativity .  So the minute , I entered home , I felt Ahhhhh “remember ….. you need a shoe rack”(idiot) . “No worries ” , there was an other voice in my head . I will make it my shoe rack . So this piece kick my creativity and I have capture whole journey of this transformation into shoe rack  to share with every one. Please add any comment ,either in blog or on YouTube platform .




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